Land-Based Casino Strategies That Make You Spend More

Part of land-based casino strategies is to make you feel like you are in heaven. The bright lights and winning sounds that highlight the fun, and the noise of people winning or losing, and more.

Online casinos have been trying their best to duplicate these the same ambiance of land-based ones. Yet, the duplication may be close, but not exact. Although it seems like playing online casinos have tons of advantages, the environment that the land-based casinos provide, is incomparable.

Once you enter one, it seems like the time stops, and every second becomes exciting. However, as you go home, you realize that you have an empty wallet.

How does a land-based casino can make your stay enjoyable, but also make you spend a lot?

Slot Games Make You Feel Like a Winner Although You Are Losing

If it is not your first time playing a slot game, you know that every single reward, no matter how big or small it is, will trigger the winning effects through lights and sounds. Even if you only win 0.25 cents for placing a 1 dollar bet for a spin, the slot machine lights up and produces a winning tone.

Research conducted at the University of Waterloo found out that tricks like what slot machines do provide the same arousal effect when a person is winning.

Land-Based Casinos Want to Make You Drunk

In many land-based casinos, receptionists serve alcoholic beverages for free. If you think it is a part of their hospitality and customer service, it is more than that. If you feel that they are giving these beverages for free, you are wrong.

These alcoholic beverages are a part of casino strategies, which are an investment for them. These liqueurs can make you drunk. Once you become intoxicated, your judgment will become clouded. As a result, you end up going home without money, sometimes with huge debts.

Ugly Carpet Will Make You Play More

Land-Based Casino

If you are laughing about the weak interior of land-based casinos, you are laughing at yourself. Casino owners are aware of the ugliness of the parts of their interiors, especially the carpet. Again, it is a part of their strategy to make more money from you.

Ugly carpet makes you want to turn your eyes away from the floor. As a result, the rug will take your focus on the areas that will make you spend more.

Land-Based Casinos Can Make You Forget Time

If you have never been to a land-based casino, here is an advice: casinos have no windows and clocks. Unless you have a watch or ask the other person who has one, there is no way you can tell the time.

You will end up playing a land-based casino all day because it is easy to forget the time.

As you can see, indeed, online casinos cannot replace the ambiance and excitement that the land-based ones provide. It also makes you realize that all those experiences are casino strategies that will make you spend more.

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