How the Invention of Wearable Devices Is Due to Casinos Influence

It is probably the least of your expectation that the emergence of wearable technology is due to gambling. The wearable techs nowadays, like a smartwatch, Oculus Rift, and Google Glasses, have handy features that will make your life easier. However, none of these features can give you an idea of how casinos influence their invention.

Find out how it happened to start from the beginning.

Some Casinos Influence that gamblers adopt

Some Gamblers With Brilliant Minds Wanted to Cheat

You read it right. Its invention is due to the casinos influence on some gamblers who wanted to find ways to cheat on casino games. These gamblers are Edward Thorp and Claude Shannon.

These two were not just gamblers. They were mathematicians who have received fortunes and recognitions because of their creations.

Edward Thorp had already been fascinated by the invention of the wearable tech for cheating by finding out how to cheat blackjack. He was the one who found out that card counting could beat the house.

Thorp had also made a fortune by taking advantage of the flaws in securities markets through probability and statistics.

Thorp’s partner, Shannon, was an inventor. Aside from the wearable tech, he also invented a mechanical mouse.

How Did They Do It – Casinos Influence

In 1961, Thorp and Shannon joined forces to invent a wearable tech to improve the odds of playing roulette.

The two used a small computer that can identify the flaws on the wheel. After the scan, the wearable provides clues on where the ball will land next. They found out that this tech improved the odds by 44 percent.

The Smart Shoe

As mentioned, Thorp was the pioneer of card counting, but a guy named Keith Taft used its principle to invent a device that attempted to cheat in a blackjack. He placed this device in his shoes, which he named George.

Taft used his big toe to operate on this device. However, he ended up giving up George when he lost around 4000 dollars in one weekend.

You Cannot Use the Wearables to Cheat in Casinos Anymore – Casinos Influence

If you think that you can be like Thorp, Taft, and Shannon, who can use a device to cheat, you are wrong. When the public finally figured out about these devices, several countries and states passed laws prohibiting the use of tools for cheating.

Therefore, you cannot use Thorp’s computer to win hundreds of dollars anymore, although you can lose 4000 dollars as Taft did.

The Wearable Tech Today

Wearable techs today are unlike the inventions of Thorp and Taft. However, thanks to these great inventors, their creations became the inspiration of today’s tech company. Among these modern creations are smartwatch, Google Glass, Fitbit, and Oculus Rift.

If it were not because the casinos influenced these inventors, Thorp, Shannon, and Taft would never have the curiosity and greed to create the first wearables.

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