Wings of ra


The latest release of Wings of Ra is highly acclaimed slot machine game. W Wings of Ra is a hot favorite game among all people who love playing slots. It is highly loved by both adult and children too. It has been receiving great reviews from all over the world. This is one of the best-selling games in Egypt.

W Wings of Ra Slot Machine by Red Tiger belongs in the classic book-based franchise. But it has certainly gone a step higher from its previous popular formula. It’s a big name with an ancient theme which has 5 paylines and 10 reels. On the other hand, it is also a casino game with high variance. You may have already played Egyptian slots quite often before.

It is set in an exotic Egypt after all and it is in this place that you will need to use your wits to win the jackpot prize. There are many slots on the table, but you can always find one that will give you a big boost in winnings. There are five types of jackpot in Wings of Ra, all of them starting with a low number at the bottom of the reel which eventually increases till you reach the top.

The regular jackpots are bigger and they increase randomly as you add more coins to the pot. There are several types of jackpot values ranging from ten, twenty, fifty and sometimes even more. The highest value symbol usually reserved for the top-most reel on a progressive slot is the 30x jackpot. The two symbols after it represent the regular values followed by the mega values and this represents the jackpot amounts that can be won in a single spin of the reels.

Another type of jackpot which can be won here is the mystery coins feature. This one is given when you choose the “mystery” box from the reel selection list. Each time you put coins in this box, a picture of a winged creature will be shown. This is actually the set’s main attraction and you will see this icon a lot while playing here. As you see the wings blossom out from the circular slots and then turn into a colorful flower pattern, symbolizing luck.

Apart from the regular jackpots and the mystery coins, there are also several other things to be pleased about Wings of Ra. Aside from the various free spins symbols featured on the game screen, there are also a couple of bonus features which can be used to your advantage. You get to increase the amount of your bankroll by choosing the right combinations when you place your coins in the bonus feature. Moreover, you get to access the “pay per hit” feature where you have to pay for each hit that lands on you.