Wild orient


Wild Orient is a slot machine that offers a free spin to players at all hours of the day. What makes the Wild Orient slot machine so special? The primary selling point here is the capability of which you are able to individually spin each reel for better results. The good news is you can always tell when you have an opportunity to make a profit by spinning more than one reels. When this happens, the odds are in your favor and the odds of making money will increase significantly.

As with all Microgaming slot games, you are not allowed to change your reels during the game. This is what makes the Wild Orient unique. Microgaming is known for allowing players the ability to choose which reels to use throughout the entire game. With the Wild Orient game, however, you are only able to spin one reel. If you happen to win the Jackpot, then congratulations, you’ve just doubled your initial investment!

The mechanics of the Wild Orient slot game are clearly laid out. You start by choosing a card from the jackpot that is randomly selected. Using the tab menu, you are then able to place your bet. Players have the ability to choose whether to go with a wild or a bluffing strategy. Bluffing is another unique aspect of the Wild Orient slot game, where you’re permitted to strategically lie about the amount of coins on the top of the reel.

When you win the Wild Orient slot game, you get the name of the lucky winner. Of the seven available winning combinations, five of them require the use of a special wild slot machine called the Wild Orient. These five combinations include: The Ace of Spades, The King of Diamonds, The Queen of Diamonds, and The Ace of Clubs. If you think you’ve got the luck for these unique slot machines, then you have just found an all new way of gaining points and getting paid off.

There are some symbols which are used in Wild Orient games which are unique compared to other slot machines. For example, the Wild Orient symbols include the word “Kiss”, which is incorporated into the design of the reels. There are also symbols for several different animals, most notably lemurs and hippos. Some of these symbols are used in different drawings, while others act as icons on certain reels.

Other symbols used in Wild Orient games include numbers, letters, and words. As well as the normal icons which you would expect to see on a slot machine, Wild Orient slot machines include a special symbol which when winning will double your cash prize. However, if you happen to miss the wild symbol, then you will not gain double the money!