Arctic magic

Slots are casino games that give you the opportunity to play a game by pulling coins from a slot machine. A lot of people have enjoyed playing slots since the beginning, and they have continued to play slots because of the challenge, the fun and the money that can be made. Many different slot machines around the world have been modified over the years to create a more challenging and exciting experience for players. One of the most popular casino game slot in recent years has been Arctic Magic.

Arctic Magic slot machine is designed in the traditional Microgaming spirit. On the spins, as icons, there are usually denominations of playing cards, pictures of animals, wild and scatter symbols. On the Arctic Magic machine, on the three rows, there are two icons on each line. Whenever this happens, the machine will rotate three times on the designated line, giving the player a triple bonus on spins. Play Arctic Magic free online slot at Dreamz Casino today!

The graphics and the icons on this machine are unique. When you place your finger over the icon which represents the double-spinning ball, you will see a graphic representation of an arctic animal, such as the seal, polar bear or walrus. There are also some symbols which look like international currencies, for instance, the Euro and the US dollar. This particular symbol is used a lot in Microgaming’s other slot games, such as Blackjack and Craps. Another unique feature of this machine is that when it is spun around three times, the result is a blackjack jackpot!